Rocky View County is out of control. The Council majority frequently ignores policy, procedures, and even the law.  They also regularly ignore residents – this is not acceptable.


What’s been happening?

  • Sanctioning three councillors for doing their jobs

    • Clear abuse of power in a vindictive attempt to silence opposing voices

      • Dissenting opinions are critical for a well-functioning government

    • Removes effective representation for over 40% of County residents

    • Sanctions blatantly contravene the Municipal Government Act

  • Violating the Municipal Government Act (MGA) - the MGA provides rules that municipalities are supposed to operate under – Rocky View ignores them

    • Sanctions imposed by Council

    • Earlier sanctions imposed by the CAO

  • Ignoring County policies, procedures, & practices

    • Hiring CAO without following recommended best practices or past County practices

    • Proposing to change way County is governed without meaningful public consultation

    • Awarding contracts contrary to procurement & tendering policies

  • Breaking promises to residents

    • Gravel policy – current council promised to find solutions; instead they just killed it

    • Voters’ list – in face of demonstrated voter fraud in the 2017 election, council decided to introduce a voters’ list – now the majority reversed this decision and quashed the voters' list

    • Firearms bylaw – promised consultations to fix problems, instead the majority killed it using processes that contravened the Municipal Government Act

  • Frivolous spending of County taxpayer dollars

    • The County is appealing the decision by the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench which ruled against council on the Hwy 567 gravel pits.  Tying residents up in Court seems to be the County's game plan​, is this how you want your County run and your dollars spent?


What did the petition say?

It asked that the Minister “undertake an inspection of the management, administration, and operations of Rocky View County including, but not limited to, the decision-making practices and conduct of Rocky View County Council, the advice and conduct of Rocky View’s Chief Administrative Officer, and the extent to which the toxic environment that exists within Council and Administration is resulting in a failure to consider the welfare and interest of County residents.”  


What can you do?

The petition is closed. If you weren't able to sign, please consider writing a letter to the following MLA's telling them you support an inspection by the Minister of Municipal Affairs into Rocky View County's operations, management and administration.